Archive | July, 2010

Traitors Beware!

17 Jul

Holy shit!! This week we received a submission entitled “traitors beware“, this video shows what happens when you lie to a frat and pretend you are going to join them. I suppose these Frat boys took it to heart when a potential pledge decided to join their rival frat. They went in and took him out of his dorm and brought them back and made him pay for his dishonesty and he payed a heavy price not only did he have to pledge with them, they had him suck dick and get fucked in order to ensure his loyalty.

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Party Time at the Pool

4 Jul

There is nothing like a nice summer time splash, especially when the pool is man made and ghetto rigged as fuck! These poor pledges had to play blind folded in this hole in the ground filled with water. The winners of course were exempt from hell week but the losers had to pay the ultimate price! I mean its not embarrassing enough playing naked in a nasty fake pool. As punishment for losing,  these unfortunate pledges had to suck eachother off in front of their brothers and fellow pledges. Their brothers had a little surprise for their thight asses as well.

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