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Fucking some Brothers

15 Oct

OK, Rule #1 you do not haze at all, Rule #2 Don’t forget rule #1, Rule # 3 There are serious consequences if any of these rules are broken and guess what? They were! We had these pledges suck cock, fuck cock, spanked for breaking the rules today. Don’t YOU forget the rules either!

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Dude gets fucked by 2 dicks

25 Sep

Hey guys! So this week we received a crazy video from a southern college. This frat wanted their pledges to do whatever it takes to get in, whether it be knocking on girls’ dorm room doors and flashing your johnson, or having the alpha brother tea bag you in front of the rest of the pledges. But this particular group of pledges took it to the extreme, offering to suck dick and get fucked by two dicks. It was fucking insane — even the alpha brother was a lil shocked!

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Cleaning up balls

28 Aug

Okay, so this week we got a rather interesting submission. The pledges in this frat had to clean the entire frat house after a party…wearing french maid outfits. These frat brothers didn’t give a shit and went all out with their pledges. As the poor dudes cleaned the house, the brothers would walk behind them and make more of a mess.

That is until the alpha brothers came back from golfing and decided they wanted to have their balls cleaned… and I don’t mean their golf balls. These poor pledges had to lick their brothers balls clean. Talk about a spit shine with a very jizzy ending!

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Party Time at the Pool

4 Jul

There is nothing like a nice summer time splash, especially when the pool is man made and ghetto rigged as fuck! These poor pledges had to play blind folded in this hole in the ground filled with water. The winners of course were exempt from hell week but the losers had to pay the ultimate price! I mean its not embarrassing enough playing naked in a nasty fake pool. As punishment for losing,  these unfortunate pledges had to suck eachother off in front of their brothers and fellow pledges. Their brothers had a little surprise for their thight asses as well.

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18 Jun

Okay so this week we have something a lil different, a human slip n slide. This dude sent us his frat initiation video and it was pretty rad. He had all his pledges laying down and they each took turns sliding on top of each other.

Pretty unique idea we were impressed!Tthrow in a little naked oil wrestling and we have ourselves a party! But unfortunately the losers had to suck it up and take it like champs after all its not like anyone would see this right? HAHA


Get some hot nuts!

17 May

These pledges are getting drilled with questions left and right.. and they don’t know shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Well guess what fuckers, time to pay the price.┬áDonny Dangles is in the house and he’s ready to drop some balls right on your face.

After the whole line of pledges got tea bagged, a couple of these guys were hard for some reason… so the brothers made them take care of business and shoot their loads to prove they are in for the long haul.

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